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Aug 18, 2007

Netrankai Upperi and Chakka Upperi(Jackfruit chips)

Banana Chips, Upperi (Kai varuthathu in Malayalam)

Netrankai Upperi with platain chips
Upperi(Plantain Chips)
Plantain pieces

Banana chips (Upperi)
Banana chips usually made in Kerala known as upperi,fried in coconut oil.Buy netrankai, remove the skin and slice into round pieces and deep fry them with salt..
  • Raw plantain.......4(nentrakkai)
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil to fry.
  • Remove the skin of the plantain and cut into round shape.
  • Slice them into thin pieces. Heat the oil and when it is hot put the cut sliced bananas into the oil. 
  • Stir them .When the noise of the oil is less sprinkle salt water(keep some salt and put water and use) 
  • When the chips are cooked remove from the oil and keep them in paper towel (to remove the excess oil)
  • Eat the chips with coffee/tea.

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