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Oct 4, 2012

Navaratri Kolu celebrated 9 days all over India
Navaratri Kolu
Navaratri !5th October 2012

Navaratri is nine day festival. We prepare different sweet dishes and other dishes.People are invited to see the kolu and give Vittila pakku and prasadms.

Navatri is a nine day festival to worship Shakthi (Devi)10th day is Vijaya Dhasami or Dussehra.In Gujarat the traditional way to celebrate  is they perform Garba Dance. Now everywhere people dance Garba all nine days.

 Navaratri is divided  into three parts. First three days we celebrate Durga ( To destroy all our impurities),next three days are for Lakshmi ( for spiritual wealth) and last three days Saraswathi Devi ( wisdom)